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It is an important step in hiring and selection process to conduct interviews and rate each applicant to figure-out  the best possible candidate. This extension provides a seamless rating experience which is compulsory for modern systems. Its great features make it a must have addition to your ApplyOnline plugin.

Matchless Features:

  • Insert custom factors to each ad to check a candidate for e.g. behavior, education, spoken, seriousness, etc
  • Set weightage for each factor.
  • Add evaluators to each application ad.
  • Create new evaluators to each application ad right from the ad screen.
  • Assigned evaluators will mark respective applications against given factors.
  • Along with marking, evaluator will write his/her own comments for the candidate

Scroll down to read these features in detail.

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Application Rating System, a step ahead – after the landmark reception of our Application Tracking System, we are always busy in extending your experience to the next level of convenience. You are already managing your Ads and applications on our Tracking System, and now get ready for another episode of further manipulation on applications. Now you can rate every candidate according to education, experience, age etc. Exclusively designed for Apply Online to make hiring process a more fulfilling experience.

Perfect and Matchless Features

Custom Factors
You can set up the factors which indicate different characteristics of the candidate; these characteristics include behavior, education, communication skills, level of seriousness, etc.

Weightage for Each Factor
Different factors are important in different kinds of applications. In some cases, communication skills hold more significance, but in others academic qualification or institute is more preferable. With these shifting and changing demands on different ads, facility of Weightage calculation for every factor is available. This weightage can be adjusted according to the priority of characteristics the employers are looking for in a candidate.

Evaluators to Each Application Ad
The employer of higher management can take a decision on how many evaluators should be assigned to a particular application. They may choose different number of evaluators for every single application.

Create New Evaluators from the Start
The moment you create and application ad, you can create new evaluators separately for every application and the evaluators may start playing their role from this initial stage.

Marking of Applications by Evaluators
Each evaluator will be aware of different factors to mark respective applications according to set criteria. This will help the management assign different tasks to relevant the relevant person and make the application evaluation process consistent and flawless.

Evaluators’ Comments
Every evaluator can write his/her own comments in the application for a particular candidate. It will help them keep track of applicants on the basis of different factors in order to pick the most suitable candidate for the job or selection under consideration.

After having a deep look into these features, Application Rating System tops the chart when it comes to decision based on features and characteristics. These qualities of this add-on convince the corporate sector to make it their first choice. That is why it is going to be an instrumental addition to your professional tools. It is like making a wish and seeing it happen right in front of your eyes. This tool really understands users’ requirements and follows instructions to facilitate professional demands in application process, assessment and manipulation system.

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Dwaynne Villiers
3 years 2 months ago

How can I get a look at the backend for this feature?

3 years 2 months ago

Use Contact Us section to request a test of this feature.