Are you looking for a page on your website to post ads and start receiving applications conveniently?

Focused on stability and simplicity, with this plugin you can create a company’s job board, advertisement board or open online registration of courses & classes and start receiving applications from your website.

Powerful Features

  • Super simple integration, just install & add menu link to yourwebsite.com/ads.
  • Beautifully integrates into your existing website without worrying for design.
  • Form builder with all HTML form fields to create a stunning application form.
  • Ads listing page with excerpt of each ad.
  • Ads filtration option on front-end to narrow down ads listing.
  • Ad detail page with description, features and application form.
  • Standard WordPress interface to add, categorize and manage ads.
  • Different types of ads e.g. yourwebsite.com/careers , yourwebsite.com/admissions, yourwebsite.com/events.
  • Packed with wordpress user role AOL Manager for people who handle applications.
  • Each Application Manager can write his own comments for the received applications to evaluate the candidate.
  • Get email notifications when an application is received.
  • Multiple file attachment fields.
  • Hooks and functions for advancements and customization.
  • Clear and well formed documentation for developers and non-developers.
  • Add-ons to extend the plugin to next level.

Have a look at the demo from the applicants perspective. Your suggestions and error reports can really help to improve this plugin.

Simplest Implementation

  1. After activation, locate the menu All Ads in admin panel and create few ads.
  2. Now open link on your website with ads slug i.e. yourdomain.com/ads.


  1. After installations, locate the menu All Ads in admin panel and create few ads there.
  2. From WordPress admin panel, add a page i. e. Careers or New Admissions
  3. Place [aol] shortcode into this page and let the magic begin.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to create an ad?

In your WordPress admin panel, go to “All Ads” menu with globe icon and add a new ad listing here.

How to show ad listings on the front-end?

You may choose either option.

  1. Write [aol] shortcode in an existing page or add a new page and write shortcode anywhere in the page editor. Now click on VIEW to see all of your ads on front-end.
  2. The url yourwesbite.com/ads lists all the applications using your theme’s default look and feel.
    (If above not working, try saving Permalinks without any change)

I have a long application form to fill, how n i facilitate applicant to fill it conveniently?

With Application Tracking System extention, applicant can save/update incomplete form for multiple times before final submission.

Can I show selected ads on front-end?

Yes, you can show any number of ads on your website by using shortcode with “ads” attribute. Ad ids must be separated with commas i.e. [aol ads=”1,2,3″ type=”ad”]. Default type is “ad”.

Can I show ads without excerpt/summary?

Yes, use shortcode with “excerpt” attribute i.e. [aol excerpt=”no”]

What attributes can i use in the shortcode?

Shortcode with default attributes is [aol ads=”1,2,3″ excerpt=”yes” type=”ad”]. Use only required attributes.

Can I display application form only using shortocode?

Yes, [aol_form id=”0″] is the shortcode to display a particular application form in WordPress pages or posts. Use correct form id in the shortocode.

Can I list ads without any fancy styling?

Yes, use shortcode with “style” attribute to list ads with bullets i.e. [aol display=”list”]. To generate an ordered list add another attribute “list-style” i.e. [aol display=”list” list-style=”ol”].

Filters under ApplyOnline section are not accessible.

Try deactivating & then reactivating this plugin.

I Have enabled the filters but they are not visible on the ‘ads’ page.

Possible reasons for not displaying ad filters are given as under:

  1. Filters are visible when you show your ad on front-end using [aol] shortcode only.
  2. Make sure Filters are enabled under Apply Online/Settings/Ad Types section in wordpress Admin Panel.
  3. When you create an ad, there is an option to categorize that ad under each filter e.g. Types or Locations.

Ads archive page on front-end shows 404 error or Nothing Found.

Try saving permalinks without any change.

I am facing a different problem. I may need a new feature in the plugin.

Please contact us through plugin’s website for more information.