4th July sale

It’s the 4th of July weekend! 243 years ago, John Hancock approved the declaration of Independence, beginning an era of freedom in America. We are sure everyone is excited to celebrate independence, spend time with loved ones, and enjoy the great weather and...

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Basic and Must have WordPress plugins for every business website

WordPress plugins give website owners the functionality they need for their website without having to go through rigorous coding processes. With the many applications of WordPress plugins, it not surprising that developers are taking them to the next level – with amazing WordPress plugins that can do virtually anything a website admin wants. These are the Must have plugins for WordPress websites.

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WordPress Theme or Plugin Conflicts and their solutions

At times It so happen when your required plugin or theme is not working as expected or described by the plugin or theme author. Most often it happens due to WordPress theme or plugin conflicts. Other possible reasons are an outdated plugin, theme or WordPress version. I suggest to you a few debugging techniques to rule out any WordPress theme or plugin conflicts.

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