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How to get WordPress development work

WordPress is the most popular content management system on the world wide web but getting WordPress development work is equally difficult. There are several ways to get your hands on, including: Freelancing platforms: There are many online marketplaces that connect...

Difference between website Design and Development

Welcome to our next article. Most of the users find the terms “Web Designing” and “Web Development have” much confusing when it comes to their professional implementation. After reading this article, you will never be confused about these terms. Some people think both...

Most Popular and Best WordPress themes

With growing popularity of WordPress among professional websites and blogs, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to display our content on our blog or what it is going to look like once published. Stepping into the world of themes provides thousands of...

Choosing the Best WordPress Job Board Plugin in 2024

Ever growing demand of professionals in job market gives birth to some channels to connect employers with employees through a hassle-free approach. Every organization has its own parameters and modes to shortlist, select and recruit the staff. In this regard, it seems...

Processing online application forms on WordPress websites

Online Application Collection and Processing is a comprehensive solution to collect, manage and review applications submitted by the prospective applicants/candidates

How to Start a Successful Blog Using WordPress

Hello viewers! In this tutorial, I am going to take you through the easiest steps to start your Very Own Blog. Most of the start-ups wonder how to take first step to set their blog in motion. After reading my article, you will always find it as easy as pie. This...

Basic and Must have WordPress plugins for every business website

WordPress plugins give website owners the functionality they need for their website without having to go through rigorous coding processes. With the many applications of WordPress plugins, it not surprising that developers are taking them to the next level – with amazing WordPress plugins that can do virtually anything a website admin wants. These are the Must have plugins for WordPress websites.

WordPress Theme or Plugin Conflicts and their solutions

At times It so happen when your required plugin or theme is not working as expected or described by the plugin or theme author. Most often it happens due to WordPress theme or plugin conflicts. Other possible reasons are an outdated plugin, theme or WordPress version. I suggest to you a few debugging techniques to rule out any WordPress theme or plugin conflicts.

How to Easily Create a Multilingual WordPress Website

Translating a WordPress website can be so tricky. Wondering where to start? With the help of this article you can easily turn your website into multilingual WordPress website. You will be able to easily translate your WordPress posts, pages, tags, categories, and themes into as many languages as you like.

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