What is Online Application Collection & Processing

Ever increasing growth of the Internet has influenced business operations in many ways, including the hiring process. Online Application Collection and Processing is a comprehensive solution to collect, manage and review applications submitted by the prospective applicants/candidates online. It is an online system that your applicants and entire team and management will love using. The management can create a simple, easy application experience, eliminate time-consuming processes and streamline administration and review. Finally you can pick and choose only what is suitable to your requirements.

Collection of Applications Online vs Paper Based

Revolutionary shift from desktop to internet applications has redefined business operations at a number of levels, including the hiring process. Online applications, also called e-recruitment, give employers an alternative to traditional paper applications. E-recruitment helps to cut human resource expenses by saving mailing costs and providing a matchless utility that newspaper ads cannot promise. In turn, online applications also speed up the hiring process. Not only this, but electronic applications provide a variety of options to the candidates as well: they can update, edit and restructure their documents using Job Manager in WordPress dashboard. On the other hand, paper applications do not offer applicants the ability to update qualifications once an application is submitted. Employers cannot allow an applicant to edit his/her application after submission.

Apply Online Plugin for WordPress Websites

Now let’s get down to business and take a look at what seems to be the best plugin when it comes to applying online. Though we can name a few plugins working out there, but the one that boasts all the features one is looking for is Apply Online – why Apply Online? Truth be known, this plugin is best job board WordPress plugin which complements your website by making your recruitment or advertisement experience a piece of cake. To put it simply, this is the best compatible option for your WordPress website, and that too, leaving the GUI of your site as it is.


On the left hand side of the WordPress, you can see dashboard where different options are giving, one of them is ‘Plugins’. Just hover your mouse pointer in ‘Plugins’ and it will extend a couple of options including ‘Add New’ (as showing in the image below), just click on ‘Add New’ and you will find a field named ‘Keyword’ on the right hand side of the page as shown in the image below. Just type in ‘Apply Online’ here in this field, you will find Apply Online plugin ready to be installed just next to dashboard. Click ‘Install Now’ button and then click ‘Activate’ button, now you can see Apply Online installed in ‘Installed Plugins’ section. Easier yet, just follow the steps in the images below and get your installation done.



Creating and Managing Your Ads with Application Forms

Moving forward, now it’s time to integrate this plugin with your website. You just need to locate the menu ‘All Ads’ in admin panel and create a few ads.

Now open link on your website with ads slug i.e. yourdomain.com/ads, and you can see all your ads at this url.

This is how your ads are going to look when candidates open it.

Alternate Way To Show Ads on Your Website.

Looking for more features to your ads? Apply Online has more to offer – AOL shortcode. From WordPress admin panel, add a page i. e. Careers or New Admissions. Place [aol] shortcode into the editor, sit back and enjoy our extra features like filtering categories.

You can see the eye-catching difference in layout with more options. We recommend you to display ads using [aol] shortcode.

What You Can do With Apply Online Plugin

After making a research on the requirements of job industry, employing carefully handpicked features, Apply Online stands one of the top plugins to use on your WordPress website. It turns your workplace into paper-free environment. It offers hiring online through its seamless ads manipulation and puts HR at ease in order to shortlist and compile documents. All the managers can add their remarks on a single application they receive. Users may also use this to advertise online admissions and receive filled-out applications, another equally lucrative aspect of this plugin.

Management receives an email once an application is filled by candidates. Apply Online brings in another facility of auto-reply to the candidates, though it is part of ApplyOnline’s value-added features. The good news is that they are going to include it in their complementary package that you install in the first place, totally free.


The sky is the limit! The options are endless. ApplyOnline’s paid add-ons are worth it. Application Tracker, a next level Application Tracking System where applicants can signup and login. The best quality that employers and candidates appreciate alike is that applicants can save applications as draft, edit it for multiple times, and pause the filling process whenever they wish to complete it later and submit it finally. It provides the applicants a dashboard to view history and track the status of their application e.g. received, pending, shortlisted, scheduled etc.

One cannot help appreciating Application Emailer. Employers receive all the documents related to applications as a one unit through this add-on, for instance, CV, photo, application form are received a one document, making it easy to review.

If you do need to turn all the documents into hard copy anyway or want to take a compact look on documentations, Application(s) Exporter is at your service. A couple of clicks will enable you to export individual application as PDF & all applications of an ad as CSV.

How could Spider Teams forget about the security concerns? Apply Online Captcha, an effective and comprehensive security solution that adds Captcha challenge at the bottom of the application form to keep bots at bay.

Obviously, the managers may find it complicated to manage all the ads, and this is where Ads Filters come in. It filters your ads archive page as you please.

Last but not least, to keep track of status of applications, Application Statuses provides Custom Statuses for the received applications which helps the managers/employers to take a look at the applications and add remarks in accordance with their suitability, for example, how many applications are shortlisted, rejected, put on hold or reviewed.

Still Spider Teams is working diligently to make sure the availability of further aspect to its current and prospective users.