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It’s the time to upgrade your basic Application Form Builder & Manager into a next level Application Tracking System where applicants can signup & login to save, edit, submit & track their application(s). Very helpful for longer application forms so applicants can take infinite pauses.

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Applicant Tracking System is one of the top-ranking extension when it comes to displaying Ads on Admin’s part and responding to these Ads on user’s part. It takes your Application Management System to an optimized level. Equally promising for Employers and Employees to manage and process applications with matchless features and convenient approach to keep track of all the activities happening from display of the Ad to the submission of application, followed by seamless hiring process. The following features prove why this add-on is first choice of customers:

  • User Accounts
    Application Tracking System enables your applicants to create their accounts on your website. They can login to fill in their applications any time they want.
  • Facility for Non-Registered Users
    To begin with, users don’t have to get registered to fill in applications; they just have to start the application process and this add-on will ask them to get registered on the way, making it their first choice as it never confuses its users in any phase.
  • Applicant’s Front-end Dashboard
    Each applicant has an exclusive dashboard to monitor the different changes taking place on the submitted application like status of the application to keep them informed of the latest developments on their submission.
  • Saving and Drafting Application
    Mostly users want to take some time before submitting application; they like to give it some time to fill the application form to make sure their information is relevant and correct. Application Tracking System meets this requirement and allows a user or applicant to draft the application before pushing it into submission phase.
  • Multiple Editing
    Your applicants enjoy freedom to make the best out of your application if they change their mind to add or replace some information. They have all the access to their already drafted or saved input to edit as many times as it requires.
  • Email Alerts and Application Status
    It is essential for admin and users to be clear on the status of application. So Email Alerts is a distinctive feature of the Application Tracking System which keeps the users informed about the phase their application is in: it triggers an automatic email once the application is submitted and once its status is changed by the admin for example from ‘received’ to ‘shortlisted’.
  • Best Solution for Longer Applications
    Every applicant wants to check out the information provided in the application multiple times. Application Tracking System considers this issue very carefully and renders editing option for an unlimited number of times until the user is satisfied with what he has entered into the form. It allows them to take pauses for minutes, hours or even days before they hit the submission button finally.
  • Handling Multiple Ads
    Some applicants may apply for more than one ads, and they want to keep track of all their applications. This add-on takes care of this situation and promises a smooth mechanism to keep record of all applications generated from the same login account. A user can filter his applications based on categories, location, type etc.
  • Restriction on Multiple Submission for the Same Ad
    It is quite possible some users might process multiple applications for the same Ad mistakenly, but this add-on will protect the user against this error.
  • Disable Submission on Deadline
    Most of the users complain that they find out their application was rejected as it was submitted after the expiry of Ad, but this add-on will never let it happen. It automatically disables the submission if done after the deadline is over, saving time on needless tasks.
  • Messaging– Our Future Prospects
    Messaging between admin and users – a new state-of-the-art feature of this product will bring both sides together providing interactive transmission of information.

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1 year 6 months ago

We recently purchased this, I’m assuming the user is registering on the wordpress site itself, rather than a separate database?

1 year 6 months ago

Hi Richard,
Sorry, i could not understand your question. Can you please elaborate it ?

1 year 6 months ago

Ignore that Farhan, I worked it out 😉 I was having a mental block

1 year 2 months ago


I’m using the Tracking system add-on for the plugin. I’m having two issues with it:

a) When form fields are set as required, this does not let users save their application form before all are filled. If the user presses ‘Save’, the form returns a Please fill in this field error for all required fields. I need users to be able to edit their application multiple times without completing it, as specified in the add-on description.

b) When using non-required fields, users can press save, and they get a ‘Form Saved successfully’ message. The partially filled form is saved to the backend. However, when users return to the form, the previously filled in fields are now empty, and have to be refilled. They are not being saved as far as the user is concerned.

Please advise,
Thank you.

1 year 2 months ago

Hi Chris,
It seems to be a conflict with another plugin. Try deactivating all plugins except ApplyOnline & Tracker add-on. If it works well for you then find the conflicting plugin.

Good luck.

1 year 2 months ago

Hi Farhan,

Thank for the quick reply.
I have disabled all plugins apart from the Apply Online base module and the Apply Online – Tracker add-on. The problem is still the same. Details save to the backend, but do not show up when the user returns to the application form. Is there a separate shortcode or method for an existing application than the initial form?

Also I fail to see how a separate plugin could cause Apply-Online’s internal validation of required form fields being activated and preventing saving? This is a single instance.

Thank you for your help!

scott reid
1 year 2 months ago

Hi – We are in the process of deploying Apply Online and have a few suggestions.

For the Tracker module, a new role for applicants would be useful. As it exists today, new applications are added as wordpress users, and they can log in and see the default wordpress “Profile” page, which doesn’t make sense for an applicant. A role that just took them to their applicaions history page would be better.

A function that works similar to the “Download CSV” module but lets you download a CSV for all applications in a particular status or statuses, not just the applications for one ad. In the US, we gather voluntary EEO data in custom fields on the application, and need to report this annually for all applicants.

1 year 2 months ago

Hi Scott Reid
Both of your points make sense & we will fix them soon. For point 2, we can add STATUS column in the CSV so you can apply filter for you required status.
Thank you for your suggestions.

Sorath Peetamber
2 months 30 days ago

hi, can I have a demo for this application tracking add-on?

2 months 30 days ago

Yes, why not. You can test it at https://demo.wpreloaded.com

1 month 24 days ago

hi, is there any admin demo? i would like to see the admin side of this plugin.

1 month 23 days ago

Yes, Please send your email address using contact form on our website. Thank you!


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