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Apply Online Filters is an add-on(plugin) to add customized filters to ads listing. By default three filters are available in Apply Online plugin but this add-on(plugin) gives you the freedom to add as many custom ad filters as you like.

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You can add Industry filter to job board,
You can add Level filter to Job Board,
You can add Session filter to academic program list,
You can add Any filter to any ad type.
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Federico Sportiello
5 years 1 month ago

Hi! I need an information on “Ads Filters” Add-on.
Is the filter possibilities added in frontend or backend?

Because in backend there are poor possibilities to filter applications.

I’ll implement a form to get some spontaneous cv, but I cannot filter them in backend (I need a list with all spontaneous cv, with possibility to filtered by city, date of birth, career type).

Let me know, thanks!


5 years 1 month ago

Hi Federico Sportiello,
This add-on adds filtration option on front-end for the application candidates. Click Here for the demo.

In admin panel. you can filter applications for a particular ad by hovering your mouse over the ad title in the Ads list or Applications list to click on the Filter icon. We are adding more possibilities for filtration in the admin panel in upcoming version of the base plugin.
Best Regards.


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