With growing popularity of WordPress among professional websites and blogs, one of the most frequently asked questions is how to display our content on our blog or what it is going to look like once published. Stepping into the world of themes provides thousands of options to choose from. A beginner or professional is always looking for a solution that covers all of the features and display formats in one theme, and it is possible to engage one theme for all we want to do.

There is a range of popular multi-purpose WordPress themes that you can use for almost any kind of website or blog. We are going to showcase 5 Most Popular and Best WordPress Themes that work on any kind of content. These themes are regularly updated to meet your growing needs and you can pick any of these as per your suitability and compatibility.


You must have heard Avada being the bestseller, but the details we are going to share will surely get you on its side, what you have heard is just the tip of the iceberg. Yes, you will fall in love this spectacular theme. More than half a million professionals and agencies are satisfactorily using Avada and the number beginners moving in is on the rise. It is the first choice of business companies, individuals and developers, placing it second to none. You can design anything without having to learn any coding jargon. It has been built in line with WordPress, PHP and standards that meet accessibility.

Just read through the following features of Avada to believe that it has everything you can think of.

  • Self-generating Page Builder: You can design your webpage right from the front end just using the mouse functions, you don’t have to write a single line of code while using this Visual Editor.
  • State-of-the-art Options Network: It is backbone of Avada, and gives you control over design and layout of the website, again without writing a line of code. Three magic groups of options : Fusion Theme Options, Fusion Page Options, and Individual Fusion Builder Element Option. These options work together to take your layout to the optimum level.
  • Best Seller: You have a reason to believe why it outperforms its competitors. It is perfectly customizable, truly user-friendly, and professionally supportive. That is why it is the most popular theme among all kinds of users when it comes to top ranking and rating, and enjoys a record-breaking history for years.
  • Thousands of 5-Star Reviews: It’s not us; it’s the users and professionals extending their best reviews on our tireless dedication.
  • More than 50 Skillfully Designed Demos: Here you have a privilege to import Pixel-perfect demos to meet your design standards. Importing the demos will not replace existing content like posts and pages.
  • One-click Test Website Importer: Cannot build your website from scratch? No problem at all. You can import a fully functional website just with one-click importer, and this demo website is later configurable as per your requirements. Simply put, just keep what you need and replace what you don’t.
  • Ready-to-be-used Web Pages: Fusion Page Builder opens a world of amazing options of 300+ prebuilt web pages at your service. Just choose the template that fits in with your imagination and visual requirement. You can try as many as you like until you find the one you fancy the most.
  • Countless Layouts: With its matchless layout designs, you can control the look and feel of your website like number of columns, how to arrange the content on your page, boxed or wide layouts etc.
  • Perfect SEO Optimization: Follows exact SEO practices to make sure your site surfaces on top of your competitors in search results or SERP. Worried about compatibility? Perfectly compatible with top-drawer plugins like Yoast SEO or All in One SEO.
  • Equally Responsive on Every Gadget: Avada is fully responsive by default, so it looks as good on a tablet or a phone as it does on your desktop. You can control these responsive breakpoints and customize the ratios to be displayed on different devices like location of footers and headers, font size and columns. Just set up the options and it will display in accordance with the device where the content is displayed.
  • Ultimate Speed & Efficiency: 47% users expect a website to load in two seconds, so Avada theme always has it in mind and provides you the latest technology to show your pages before the user decides to quit. Avada is highly optimized and provides you with the ability to get extremely high speed test scores.
  • 6 Complementary Premium Plugins: Right after installation of Avada theme, it will prompt you install these required plugins, and it will take just a single click to install these plugins, and these basic plugins will extend the reach of your website.
  • Dedicated Customer Support: Even installing and using this theme is easier and convenient, yet Avada team is more than happy to support and answer you queries whenever you ask. This leads to a healthy working relationship with users and improves the product experience.
  • No Third Party Involved: Avada’s professional team is behind the wheel to take care of every procedure to make sure the seamless working of the product. No 3rd party is involved, as it is likely to slow down the services.
  • Ideal Support for Translation & RTL: RTL (right to left) text direction is followed only in a few languages, but Avada considers it valuable to serve this purpose because these languages are used by millions of people around the world. So adding RTL to this theme will boost the readability and access to such sites where this translation is required.


Developed by Elegant Themes, meticulously designed theme that allows drag-and-drop facility. Only a few other themes can offer the features that Divi has in its store. It is suitable for almost every type of website since it offers a broad spectrum of customization options. You can add more features if you want. It is a perfect choice no matter you are a professional or beginner. It can design your Ecommerce, corporate and business websites and blogs.

Drag and Drop Builder: Drag and Drop builder helps save your time and shapes your layouts in less time. A fast approach to building and prototyping a design and mockups with frontend and backend customization.

Multipurpose Uses: A theme with countless options to build websites and blogs. It serves all the purposes of a standard platform with its powerful features.

Layouts: Hundreds of ready-to-use layouts are at your service right from the beginning. The list is unlimited but here are a few: homepages, blogs, landing pages, about pages, coming soon, contact, portfolio, product features, etc.

Modules: You can add a variety of features to your website such as tabs, buttons, pricing tables, portfolio, sliders, countdown timers and many more. Even these modules can be customized and enhanced further.

Easy to Customize: Just using one-click option, you can view your site layout as desktop or phone. You can change headers, footers, backgrounds in a customized view. You don’t need to refresh to view changes, just see the results in real time to have an idea about what it looks like after alterations.

Split Testing: To improve your site’s conversions, simply right click on any module, row or section and choose the split test option to duplicate the object and configure each content in different design.

Widgets: The most famous widgets About Me, Adsense, and Advertisement are included in Divi. You can use Divi builder for the pages and posts of your choice.

Role System: With role system, you can put restrictions on the role of each user. You may protect your design by limiting the access to backend or access to code.

Multilingual: RTL (right-to-left) feature allows Divi Builder to move all the buttons to the right side if you choose RTL. What’s more is Divi Builder, front-end, elements, interface, form fields and descriptions have been translated into over 30 languages.

Plugins: Want to expand Divi further? Specifically designed plugins by Divi community will give new features to your experience and the number of existing plugins is unlimited.

Child Themes and Layouts: You may inherit functionality from another WordPress theme, the parent theme. Child themes are often used when you want to customize or tweak an existing WordPress theme without losing the ability to upgrade that theme.

Price and License: Just for $89 a year, it caters 86 additional themes with 6 extra plugins. With this much extra, $89 sounds a real bargain.


Let’s look into the fact why Astra is so popular, we are going to walk you through the free version of the plugin and explain the benefits of upgrading to Astra Pro.

Highly focused on speed, Astra is a beautiful WordPress theme best suitable for offices, blogs, different occupations, online business and much more. The sky is the limit! You can extend the functionality by purchasing and upgrading to the pro version of the theme, but a number of free extensions are also available to get you started on the basic requirements.

200,000 plus websites are using the free version for its wonderful support, including customization of your website through WordPress customizer.

Free Features

Website Templates

This facility saves your time by providing ready-to-use website templates from their library. You don’t have to design most of the pages – just pick the template that suits your idea the best.

No Professional Coding Necessary

Even if you are not a professional and still want to design your website, Astra is your cup of tea. This theme offers a variety of designing options from frontend, making it convenient for the beginners.

Full Width Pages

You can control the page titles and sidebars by turning them off to expand your page to full width. So you can give a flexibly look to your page rearranging its scope.

Speed At Its Best

One of the prominent features – speed – ASTRA is known for it. Being the most lightweight theme, it saves execution, navigation and execution time.

Easiest Customization

Fast, easy and visually supportive customizer has all it takes to make your website look they way you want. Even with all these features, the website promises fluid and dynamic working without raising any speed issues.

Layout and Color Settings

ASTRA supplies a layout and color management on a number of different levels. User can control the look-and-feel of Pages, posts, headers, footers, sidebars, etc, along symmetrical color scheme and font selection through a wide range of options – truly a big deal for those who want to create eye-catching designs on the website.

Paid Features (ASTRA PRO)

Sticky Header

The header containing menu stays at the same position, no matter which part of the page the user is moving through. It helps users to access the top menu from any part of the webpage during navigation.

Mobile Headers

Most of the websites are accessed from mobile gadgets recently. Mobile Headers facility enables the mobile users to tweak header breakpoints a variety of colors, styles and logos.

Mega Menu

Experience the magic of shortcode to activate layout within a mega menu or create appealing templates with your most valued page builder.