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Apply Online Application Status is an add-on(plugin) to add customized statuses to an application you have received. It helps to better evaluate a candidate by adding a status tag to his/her application. By default three status are available but this add-on(plugin) gives you freedom to add as many custom ad statuses as you like.



Customized statuses for applications e.g. canceled, called for interview, hired.
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5 months 23 days ago

what is the different between application status & Application tracking?

5 months 22 days ago

When an application is received, its default status is pending. You can change its status from Pending to Approved. With this extension installed, admin can create custom statuses & assign this status to any application.

Applicant Tracking System or ATS requires an applicant to create his/her account on the website, prepare an application, modify and save it & finally submit it before the application deadline. Furthermore, with ATS an applicants gets its own dashboard on the website where he can view the list of submitted applications with their current statuses. An email alert is sent to the applicant whenever the status of application is changed by the admin.

5 months 22 days ago

do you have any test demo plugin?

5 months 22 days ago

Yes, you can test applicant side at https://demo.wpreloaded.com/
For admin side, please request through our contact form & provide us your email address.

8 days 4 hours ago

19 dollars is kind of steep for more application statuses….. come on now.

7 days 18 hours ago

Hi Peter,
What is your suggestion in this regard ?

4 days 16 hours ago

I would purchase for 10. 19 dollars for just a few application statuses seems like overkill.

4 days 14 hours ago

$19 is far less than the whole package you use. The core ApplyOnline plugin & the extension. These charges are just to support the ongoing development of the core plugin.